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  • Ren

    Ren'ai Iron Fort

    The Ren’ai Iron Fort was originally used as a training ground for amphibious frogmen. The fort served as a stronghold, preventing stealth attacks from Communist frogmen. The natural......

  • Siwei Village

    Siwei Village's Sunset Trail

    Siwei Village used to be called Xiwei (meaning the west end) because the village is located at the west end of Nangan Island. It was renamed Siwei when ROC troops poured in during the 1950s. ......

  • Furen Village

    Furen Village

    Furen—or “Wife”—Village is situated on the western tip of Nangan Island. Nestled between the mountains and the sea, Furen Village is so called because the wife of a Japanese officer was once smi......

  • Magang Matsu Temple

    Magang Matsu Temple

    The Magang Matsu Temple is hugely important in the lives of Matsu residents. Not only has Matsu given her name to Matsu Village and the Matsu Islands, but more importantly, it is in Matsu that t......

  • Folk Culture Museum

    Folk Culture Museum

    The Matsu Folk Culture Museum is located in Jieshou Park, close to Ching-kuo Memorial Hall, the Shengli Reservoir, and the Shengli Villa. Originally built in 1974 and rebuilt in 1983, the museum......

  • Fushan Illuminated Wall

    Fushan Illuminated Wall

    As the Taiwan-Matsu ferry enters Fu'ao Port, one of the first things to meet the eye is a huge inscription carved onto a large screen wall on Fuqing Ridge. Translating into “Always On The Alert,......

  • Dahan Stronghold

    Dahan Stronghold

    Dahan Stronghold was constructed in 1975 with the aim of controlling the Meishi’ao and Juguang sea lanes. Located on a promontory between Tieban Beach and Beihai Tunnel, the fortification compri......

  • Niujiao Village

    Niujiao Village

    Niujiao—or “Ox Horn”—Village (officially “Fuxing Village”) is located on the northeast of Nangan Island. The village's name comes from the fact that the Island resembles an ox, with Niujiao situ......

  • Beihai Tunnel

    Beihai Tunnel

    Situated on the Tieban coastline, Beihai Tunnel is an underground waterway constructed through sheer rock and comprising a criss-cross of interlinking corridors. Subterranean “quays” were built ......

  • Jinsha Village

    Jinsha Village

    On the way to Yuntai Mountain, a winding road leads to a hundred-year-old settlement. The tranquil Jinsha Community was once called “Golden Sands” due to the golden sandy beach of a nearby cove.......