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Magang Matsu Temple

Magang Matsu Temple

The Magang Matsu Temple is hugely important in the lives of Matsu residents. Not only has Matsu given her name to Matsu Village and the Matsu Islands, but more importantly, it is in Matsu that the locals place their faith.

Each year, locals hold the “Matsu Cultural Festival” to thank Matsu for her support and protection. The Matsu Cultural Festival signals the start of a new year of Matsu worship. Legend tells how Matsu’s corpse was washed up onto Nangan Island after she saved her father from the sea. As a result, villagers remember her for her filial devotion.

While Matsu’s body was returned to Meizhou in China, her clothes were buried on the site where the Magang Matsu Temple was subsequently built in her name. The Matsu Cultural Festival celebrations comprise three main sections.

“Clearing the way” involves cleaning the main st reets for the fol lowing day’s procession; “receiving the deity” means requesting Matsu’s presence; and “making the offerings” takes the form of a traditional religious ceremony.

Published by:Lienchiang County Government

Modify Date:108/09/25

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