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Jinsha Village

Jinsha Village

On the way to Yuntai Mountain, a winding road leads to a hundred-year-old settlement. The tranquil Jinsha Community was once called “Golden Sands” due to the golden sandy beach of a nearby cove.

On entering the community itself, the first things that catch the eye are a row of large wine jars sitting on a stone wall and the traditional Eastern Fujian-style architecture of the homes here. Most houses are one or two-story square granite structures, bui l t alongside stone steps leading up the mountain.

 One can still envision events of the past from inside these old, abandoned houses. Jinsha Village is also famous for its traditional Matsu liquor,which gets its delectable flavor from the village’s sweettasting well water.

While the county government is proactively promoting this element of the village’s cultural heritage,village residents also hold “Matsu Brewing—Laojiu DIY” activities where visitors can learn about the brewing process and even have a go themselves.

Published by:Lienchiang County Government

Modify Date:108/09/25

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