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Niujiao Village

Niujiao Village

Niujiao—or “Ox Horn”—Village (officially “Fuxing Village”) is located on the northeast of Nangan Island. The village's name comes from the fact that the Island resembles an ox, with Niujiao situated where the ox’s horns would be.

 Backed by hills on three sides, the village faces north onto the Taiwan Strait, where Beigan Island can be seen in the distance. Niujiao Village is similar in shape to a windsock, with the wind traveling straight through its centre.

This makes for pleasantly cool summers, but cold, windy winters. Niujiao Village is often cited for its success in preserving Matsu's traditional architecture. Indeed, strolling around the village, one passes ccoffee shops, restaurants, guesthouses, and workshops all based in traditional buildings.

For those in need of a rest, the artsy Yuliao Shuqi coffee shop is the perfect retreat. With books and photo displays, the shop embodies the mix of old and new so characteristic of Niujiao.

Published by:Lienchiang County Government

Modify Date:108/09/25

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