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Folk Culture Museum

Folk Culture Museum

The Matsu Folk Culture Museum is located in Jieshou Park, close to Ching-kuo Memorial Hall, the Shengli Reservoir, and the Shengli Villa. Originally built in 1974 and rebuilt in 1983, the museum enjoys stunning scenery.

The current museum building was renovated in 2004 and is designed in the style of a traditional Matsu village. To preserve Matsu’s unique cultural heritage, the local government built the original two-story museum to display local cultural artifacts to residents, army personnel, and visitors. However, limited funding meant that the collection was basic.

The museum’s current exhibition explores the theme “Impressions” through four units. “Spatial Impressions” introduces the geography of the Matsu Islands; “Topographical Impressions” displays the islands’ diverse topography; “Marine Impressions” explores the islands’ unique marine life; and “Flora and Fauna Impressions” presents plants native to Matsu (such as the red spider- l i ly, Matsu l i ly, and Matsu spikemoss) , Matsu’s endangered terns, and various species of insect.

Published by:Lienchiang County Government

Modify Date:108/09/25

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