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Matsu Ascension Day

Mazu Ascension Day

September – Matsu Ascension Day

It is said the September 9th is the date that turning Matsu into an immortal. In recent years, the citizens in Matsu hold an Ascension Festival to express the gratitude to Matsu.

People said that Lin Mo jumped into the sea to rescue her father. Then she carried her father’s corpse to Nangan Island. In order to commemorate her achievement, the citizens in Matzu built a temple to worship her, they also called Nangan Island as Matzu Island. Until Kangxi Emperor of the Qing dynasty,people venerated Matsu as Tianfei then gave her a title “Tianhou”and the name of temple is TianhouGong.There are 4 Tianhou Gongs in Maztu, 3 Gongs in Nangan Island, 1 Gong in Dongyin Island. The most popular one is in Nangan Matzu Island.

The annual Matsu in Matzu – Ascension Day is hold in the Double-Ninth Festival (the ninth day of the ninth lunar month). The citizens hope “ Matsu in Matsu” is not a slogan, they are grateful for her filial piety.

There are lots of events in Ascension Day: Ascension Festival, fair, cultural performance, blessing night part and Matsu scholarship seminar. In October 2009, the highest Matsu statue is accomplished; it truly expressed gratitude from Matzu people to Matsu.

Published by:Lienchiang County Government

Modify Date:108/09/16

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