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Brighten Emperor Temple at Nan Gan Fuao Villiage

When arriving by ship to Fuao harbor at Nan Gan, people can see an impressive temple on the hillside, this temple is called "Brighten Emperor Temple ", which is rare to be seen in Matsu islands.

The lord inside the temple are Goddess of Mo Niang, Lin, Brighten Emperor, Accompany Five Big Emperors, White Horse King etc.. Its joss stick is rather vigorous, and it is also the temple with the most goddess in Matsu.

Every year when the "Brighten Emperor " pay to round the time that the territory makes imperial visit at Lantern festival, the villagers will hold a grand activity, while the whole villages were also full of the atmosphere of festival jollification.

Published by:Lienchiang County Government

Modify Date:108/09/19

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