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Making a tour of temples

Traditional houses in Matsu are mostly double layer, square shape, look like a signet, and therefore are called "a signettype" building.

Being opposite than a square and simple house , the traditional temple in Matsu is different from South Fukien temple. Temples in Matsu have simple structures and forms with only one door, and both sides of a window in left and right, not as gorgeous as temples in South Fukien.

There are numerous temples in Matsu, the appearances mostly adopts vivid color. The most eye-catching point is "preventing volcano wall", which is popular at Zhejiang, and the north of Fujian province its feature lies in wall that exaggerate of significant degree flections, so when fire occurs, the can obstruct spreading of fire.

The deities enshrined locally are White Horse King, Five Soul Mans, General Chen, and Yang Gong Ba Shi,etc., they all have their related legend and literary references. The devolution of" White Horse King" is a saint -Wang Shen Hoe of Fujian province to know;"Five Soul Mans" of legendary, is said that five young men dreamed of the poisoning in a well of devil so that they sacrificed their lives to save people in Fuzhou, General Chen" was a person in the early Ching dynasty, named Chen Da Goe, to rescue people, he killed the county magistrate who always oppressed villagers, but he had misfortune and drowned while piloting ship to flee from home ……etc., each deity has a touching story, and the background of the story mostly takes place in person in Matsu's home town-Fukien.

 People in Matsu are very devouted, many people who leave Matsu to change residence in Taiwan, go to temple to pray, and they still follow traditional custom in Matsu which is to redeem a vow pledged toward the temple, the devotion of faith it is thus clear

Published by:Lienchiang County Government

Modify Date:108/09/19

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