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Lantern celebration ceremony

During the Lantern festival, there are various celebration ceremony activities in all villages on Matsu island, starting from the afternoon to the evening, streets and alleys are jammed with parades, adults, kids, and people returning home are all in the parades, participating the annual celebration ceremony of the rice glue ball temple fair, even the military that serve in Matsu will also come to join.

The biggest activity of the rice glue ball celebration ceremony will be held in the biggest village on the island, for example in Bei Gan , the Shiou Wang Fu parade of the Tangci village is the greatest, anyone wants to participate is suggested to find out the detailed activity time first, in order to prevent missing the fascinating rice glue ball celebration ceremony!

When the parade passing the door of each family, a long string of firecrackers is sparked immediately, the voice of firecrackers greatly and loudly gets about the whole village, the celebration ceremony activity continues till the night, and the voice of firecrackers will stop till late night, which shows the devotional attitude of people in Matsu.

Published by:Lienchiang County Government

Modify Date:108/09/19

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