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  • Painting and Sketching

    Painting and Sketching

    Painting and Sketching The view of traditional Min-Tung buildings and random strewn Aur-Ko fishing village has highlighted the essence for the uniqueness of Matsu. This ......

  • Thematic attraction

    Thematic attraction

    Thematic attraction Bicycling in Matsu is the best way to commune with the nature and the most comfortable way for sightseeing,......

  • Plants Ecology

    Plants Ecology

    Plants Ecology Because of its special terrain and the geographical position, in each season on the Matsu islands wild flowers b......

  • Matsu Landscape

    Matsu Landscape

    Matsu Landscape The beauty of Matsu is made by the ocean—the solid granite became beautiful scenery contributed by wave erosion......

  • Bird Observation

    Bird Observation

    Bird Observation Because the Matsu islands is in the East Asian migratory bird migration route and the relay station, there are......

  • Fishing Enjoyment

    Fishing Enjoyment

    Fishing Enjoyment The Matsu islands have many wonderful fishing areas that attract large quantities of people to come fishing every year. During the wh......

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