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Mythical Bird
     Enjoys the bird to be happy
Mythical Bird
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Delicious Food
The world’s tallest Matsu
As well as being famous for the legend of the sea goddess Matsu, the Matsu Islands are also home to the world’s tallest Matsu statue. The 29.6-meter-tall granite statue was unveiled as part of the Matsu Ascension Day celebrations held by Nangan Township’s Magang Matsu Temple on October 25, 2009. Experts confirmed the Matsu statue as the world’s highest, thus securing it a...
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The highest density of military tunnels and strongholds in the world
The world’s best-preserved eastern Fujian architecture
The world's largest breeding site for the Chinese Crested Tern
A Glimpse of Matsu
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Thematic attraction
Bicycle and Walking Bicycle and Walking
Bicycling in Matsu is the most healthy way to commune with the nature and the most comfortable way to have sightseeing >>
Matsu Landscape Matsu Landscape
The sea sculptures the beauty of Matsu, the flapping of wave made out thick granites >>
Fishing Enjoyment Fishing Enjoyment
Matsu islands have several good fishing areas which attract large quantity of people to come fishing every year. >>
Plants Ecology Plants Ecology
The special terrain and the geographical position,of Matsu islands >>
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